Transfers: Saving Fuel, Lives, and the Economy

["Transfers" is the name of our new link-blogging series]

  • INDOT restores service along five interstate bus lines - C-J
  • Passenger rail between Louisville and Lexington? R. J. Corman is thinking about doing it on his tracks - Lexington Herald Leader
  • A town in England has a novel approach to getting drivers to slow down - put statues of kids playing near the roadway - How We Drive
  • Dutch road design techniques could cut traffic casualties by 50% in US - Infrastructurist
  • Study shows that living in dense neighborhoods (e.g. downtown Louisville) saves a household 395 gallons of gasoline per year - that's $1000 per year at today's prices - Streetsblog Capitol Hill
  • As long as the economy depends on cheap oil, don't hold your breath for a recovery - Infrastructurist
  • Transportation reform is health reform - Streetsblog Capitol Hill
  • Cash for Clunkers: What's a sustainable transportation geek supposed to think? - Portland Transport



What a great new series!  Maybe I just read what I wanted, but there seems to be a case here for optimism.  Go RJ Corman!  Go Miller!

Our diligent pres/webmaster has been a busy bee

Thank you!